Journey Of Life

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Imagine moving every four years. Leaving to a new state, possibly a new country, a new town, and an all new group of people. That was my life for 16 years, you learn to adapt to change quickly. I wasn 't blessed to grow up in the same place, with the same individuals. Despite that, I was blessed to get a life full of traveling and constant new experiences due to the military lifestyle. To start off with, I was born in the heart of Philadelphia, home of the soaring eagles. Living in Philadelphia, was not always sunshine and rainbows as expected. Being the projects also was not very ideal for a child, we had your run of the mill drug dealers and gang activity as well. Despite the obvious issues, I have never experienced such a tight knit neighborhood. Looking back on my life there, I remember my neighbors being remarkably nurturing, sprightly and intelligent. My mother and father did as they could to make ends meet for me, they made many sacrifices. Due to certain circumstances , my father gave up a great deal including his education at a point in time. He stopped going to school so he could work and make money for his family to pay bills, eventually he enrolled in night school so he could graduate from high school. After I was born, he realized he wanted more for me than what Philadelphia had to offer. With a bigger picture painted in his mind he knew Philadelphia did not have much to offer, he wanted me to prosper in life, with that he enlisted in the U.S Army.
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