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Business magic: the industrial chain integration to achieve expansion mode In 1947, Kuok started in more than 30,000 US dollars, in the Singapore Pavilion Street theater rented a three-story old, set up a Lectra services company, operating a business, shipping brokerage, grocery industry. The following year the company was founded, father Guoqin Kam died Kuok returned to Malaysia in the mother Zheng Ge Ru recommendations, established in 1949 Kuok Brothers Limited. In addition to shareholder Zheng Ge Ru Guo crane lift, Kuok, there Guo Heqing, Guo Heyao (Guoqin end eldest son), Guo Hejing (ren Guoqin eldest son), Kuok new and Guo Herui (Guoqin Bao's son) and other cousins. The co Kuok Brothers assets, inherited the Kwok family businesses Dongsheng…show more content…
In 1971, the Kwok family entered the hotel industry, cast RM100 million to set up the first Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. After establishing its stronghold in the respective capitals and large cities, extending from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Fiji, etc. all the way to mainland China, and has become Asia's leading hotel group. Today, Kuok year of the creation of the Shangri-La, has become internationally renowned five-star hotel operators. Today, the Kuok business empire not only across the whole of Asia, but also extended to Paris, San Diego, Vancouver, Chile and other places. Public information, in Kuok Kuok family has led to a controlling stake in Wilmar, MISC, SCMP Group, Shangri-La, more than 10 listed companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries and regions 5 or investment, together hold market value of nearly HK $ 150 billion (table…show more content…
In 1985, Kuok to spend $ 530 million joint venture with the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Beijing to build "China International Trade Center"; the late 1980s, the vast majority of foreign investment in China slowed down due to political factors, Kuok opposite direction, dropping hundreds in China billions of huge amounts of money, making him the pioneer Malaysian companies to enter China. Kuok of this opinion:. "Crisis is a chance businessman must remain alert and sensitive to the times." Compared with Li Ka-shing, Lee Shau Kee and other familiar top tycoons, Kuok extremely low-key, even holding "South China Morning Post", he still does not change their usual style - any access to both refuse to want to understand a bit about his private and family things will not be easy. The most amazing is that after the acquisition of the Hong Kong Wireless, said such a major move as usual, to be held Reporters conference, however Kuok and his son did not show up in the media throughout, which adds to the Kuok

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