The Importance Of Literacy In Early Childhood Education

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Reflection 1
Research has shown literacy is one of the most important but most complex subject taught within the education system (Bickart &Dodge, 1999). However despite it’s complexity it is still one of the most important subject, because the lack of literacy skills affect all other subject area. “Language is critical for learning across the curriculum” (Copple, Bredekamp, Koralek &Charner, 2013). Language is important because language has various function, it works as expression for feeling, as mediator in thought and it helps to provide mental representation (Copple, Bredekamp, Koralek &Charner, 2013). It is also proven that language develop rapidly during the early childhood years (Copple, Bredekamp, Koralek &Charner, 2013). By age 1 children say their first words and by 3 years children learn 300 to 1000 words; This is how rapid language is learnt (Gorden & Browne,2013). It is for all these reason us as early childhood educators must take advantage of this crucial time period where children are like sponge they soak in all information and concept. …show more content…

Books can be used for various reason and can be used to teach various concept. Books can be used for entertainment, fostering the preservation of knowledge, understanding the formal elements of books and understanding self and humanity (Norton & Norton, 2011). Books can help children develop in all domain it can help with cognitive because they learn mental concept. It help develop physical through fine motor by turning page and lastly, social emotional, by sharing and relating to feeling, self-regulation and self-expression. It is clear books is a vital tool in the life of

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