Essay On The Importance Of Teaching Literacy In The Classroom

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This assignment was done under the subject Teaching Literacy in Early Years 1 (ENG 211). The aim of doing this assignment is how to conduct an effective lesson in a classroom through big book for the children. And what is importance for the children to use in big book in a classroom. Why we should prepare a big book for a classroom? Big book is an effective tool for young children. Moreover to introduce a lesson it will help to read a story relate in a topic, so young children will show interest and they will engage in the classroom. As a result, it will help the teacher to carry the lesson without any difficulty.
Big book is one of the wonderful visual aid for children to use in the class room. It is important to our children in educational life. Use of big book is one of the most enjoyable forms of learning for …show more content…

Using big book in the classroom is an enjoyable approach to promote children’s learning of new skills. Like, social skills are one of the important skills of children and children can develop these skills by using big book to interact with other children, they might help to improve facing in different styles of people. Moreover it can share joy, sadness, they can be show naughty face and when a child engaged by big book they can learn lesson easily.
Moreover use big book in a classroom helps the children to develop their language skills. Children try to learn sounds and to read words. So it will help to find words and they will begin to improve their language.
To conclude, in my report I would like to say that big book is very effective tool for children in the classroom. It provides an essential link between learning and play which makes them wonderful teaching tool of children in the classroom. Creating big book is a wonderful way to help the children learns to work as part of a group. And also it increases to show a creativity works. They can engage a lesson easily and they can enjoy

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