Effective Workplace Relationships

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Lead effective workplace relationships Assessment Task 2: Project Part A Agenda Template To: daniel@Cricketequip.com.au; David@Cricketequip.com.au; Serana@Cricketequip.com.au; From: Amy@Cricketequip.com.au; Subject: Recent customer service issues within Cricket Equip Date: 25/04/2015 Meeting topics to be discussed: 1. Meeting introduction and welcome. 9am – 9.30am 2. Current customer service issues within Cricket Equip. 9.30am – 11.00am 3. Cricket Equip’s customer service standards and requirements. 11.00am – 12.30am 4. Recommendations for customer service improvement. 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm 5. Staff feedback on how customer service can be improved. 3.30pm – 4.30 pm 6. Staff training needs of customer service. 4.30pm – 5.30pm 7. Meeting conclusion …show more content…

An email to the external training provider seeking information about the training: To: info@mbcricket.vic.edu.au Subject: Inquiry for enrolling a short course of customer service Dear sir/madam, I would like to find out whether there is a short course of customer service available within your training organization. If so can you please inform me the training time, location and the training costs you charge for per student? Your response is highly appreciated. Kind regards Kendal Cricket Equip Evaluate how you think the training would be best provided. How you think the training would be best provided • Workplace workshop - Provide the workshop by professional trainer at workplace so we can coaching how to work together and sort out the problem if something wrong happened. Identify arrangements for the training that you think would work best e.g. when, where, how, etc? When the training will be provided 26/05/2016 Where the training will be provided At MB Meeting Room, Bourke St How the training will be provided (Training methods) Professional Trainer planning the program for the staffs. Identify costs associated with the training opportunity. Training costs …show more content…

Two-way communication Michael 11/03/2016 11/03/2016 2. Vocal and non-vocal language Daniel 12/04/2016 12/04/2016 3. Constructive feedback David 13/05/2016 13/05/2016 4. Functioning listening jimmy 14/06/2016 14/06/2016 5. Discuss how you will monitor this situation to ensure the problem is not recurring. • Contact with team and be a part of the team by working or searching for any help in the team then give them a feedback of disagreement at work get sort out. • Explain of the situation at workplace is effect to everyone at work then making a selection. - Define of how possible of disagreement cause at workplace Part B An email sent to Yuko advising her of the problem and requesting her to attend a meeting with you: To: yuko@hotmail.com Subject: Staff meeting to be hold with you Dear Yuko, As you know there has been a workplace conflict between you and Beryl recently. To solve this problem effectively I would like to conduct an individual meeting with you on 10.30am, 24/06/2016, in the MB meeting room. I would strongly advise you to join me with this meeting. Regards, Kimmy Purposes of meeting with Yuko: To train staffs to get improve at work and to help them working as a team work. Meeting conduction with

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