Lifeguarding Reflection

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I was halfway done with my 300 yard swim to pass the prerequisite to be a lifeguard. I finished The nervousness was effecting my stomach. I stumbled out of the pool and over to trash can. Where I lost my last meal to that can. I noticed that my vomit was red but i didn’t have time to think about it I had another test to complete before I could go home. That is to tread water for 2 minutes not using arms. I start my head is bobbing in and out of water. My mouth opens and I start choking and I am done. I failed the prerequisites to be lifeguard. I was 16 towards the end of my sophomore year of high school no more than 2 weeks of school left. I had started preparing for lifeguarding in January. Lake James Christian Camp lies on the shore of…show more content…
The first paragraph explains how that went. So when I returned home my mom asked me if I still wanted to be a lifeguard for camp. I answered with “of course” I thought about it and said to myself I made a deal with the camp to fill that position I felt like I was disappointing My mom and the camp managers. So my did some research and found another class in Cleveland. I had some relatives who lived in Cleveland who were visiting that week.

This side of my family eats very healthy. So when I got there and guess on rethinking the week I was sick ever since my first lifeguard test. I blamed being sick on was my body flushing itself of all the bad stuff I have been eating, I had a couple days in cleveland before my lifeguarding training began. So I rested and recovered reflecting on my summer. I was over my head with sports and commentints. I enjoyed the relaxation.

A couple of days later my uncle drove me to Cleveland State University. I wondered into their recreation center seemingly lost. I like small towns I don’t do big cities the people the rush the impersonal side of not really getting to know anybody because you will probably never see them again. It made me nervous and a slight fear of everything not knowing how they would
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