Malalacca Sultanate History

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The Malacca Sultanate is one of the oldest Malay Sultanate in the history of Malaysia. Previously, the Malacca Malay Sultanate was a heritage of Srivijaya which the center was in Palembang, Southeast Sumatra. This empire existed between the seventh century and the 13th century. Historically, Malacca was found in early 15th century, in 1931, the Srivijaya kingdom was attacked by Majapahit which led Parameswara (Prince of Palembang) and his followers escape and they eventually reached Temasik (Singapore) . At that time, Singapore already had its own political system under the control of the Siamese kingdom of the Ayudhya. The local ruler on that time was Sang Aji Singapore, who is son-in-law of the Siamese king. After defeating the island’s ruler, Parameswara assumed the Singapore throne. In 1938 Ayudhya retaliated against Singapore. Parameswara and his followers retreated to the Malay Peninsula. The prince first set-up camp in Muar and then, Sening Hujung, Bertam, but finally he ended up in Malacca circa 1400. However, in recent studies some scholars argued that the Malacca Sultanate was founded in year 1262. As for the name of the kingdom of Malacca, there is both legend and history about the name. In Malay tradition, it told that Parameswara seat under a tree by the banks of the river Bertam. From his seat, he watched a little mouse deer turn upon the hounds pursuing it and fling them…show more content…
Apart of that, the administration of the smaller regions (dependencies) was left to the various headmen, called Mandulika, who controlled regions such as Klang, Selangor and others. Meanwhile, dependencies areas with autonomy cover the other kingdoms in the Malay Peninsula such as Kedah, Pahang and Kelantan, and other regions in Sumatera and the Riau Lingga Islands include Inderagiri, Bengkalis, Rokan, Rupat, Bentan and Lingga. These regions were given the autonomy to maintain their own local administration, but they were still monitored by the central government in

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