Marketing Strategy Of HMV

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Introduction Background: HMV stands for “His Master’s Voice’ which is the painting painted by English artist Francis Barraud, A.R.A. HMV trademark logo ‘dog-and-gramophone’ is the most memorable logo with a Jack Russell Terrier dog Nipper staring longingly into the wide bell of a gramophone. It was established at UK since 1921. Its original store is opened by Gramophone Company located at Oxford Street in London. The development of HMV was driven by the need to innovate continually. HMV chain stores spread rapidly with over 250 stores across UK and Rep of Ireland. After the period of rapid expansion, it became the leader of the industry - HMV Group. HMV Group operates many different business levels in the industry, such as Waterstone’s bookstores in UK and Ireland, Fopp music, Zawi retail outlets and HMV stores in Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. As of August 2013, there were 133 stores across UK, 113 stores in Canada, 5 stores in Ireland, 2 stores in Singapore, 5 stores in Hong Kong running under the brand ‘HMV’. Product: HMV is presenting a complete selection of music, film, games and also books across all genres and platforms, a broad and rising range of technology devices and accessories; as well as artist merchandising and t-shirts, licensed products and fashion clothing ranges stimulated by music and film housed within HMV’s newly-launched ‘Studio’ sub brand. Finance Performance: For the year ended 28 April 2012, the Group 's pro forma profit before tax and

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