Mcdonald's Advertising And Its Role In Mcdonalds Success

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Advertising and its role in McDonald’s Success The McDonald’s restaurant is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world, and serves about 68 million customers daily. It sells burgers, chicken, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks and desserts. Due to changing consumer preferences however, they have expanded their menu to include salads, wraps and fruit. These food items can be found in many other fast food restaurants as well, but why is McDonald’s so much more successful than other companies, like one of it’s main competitors, Burger King? One of the key reasons is successful branding. Branding plays an important part as it is what motivates your customer to buy your product. According to Jurevicius (2016), McDonald’s mission is to be their “customer’s favourite place and way to eat and drink”, and they…show more content…
McDonald’s target audience is mainly families, parents with young children and young children. According to 123 Help Me (2016), “Parents like to visit McDonald's because it is a treat for the kids, and the kids enjoy the cartoon like atmosphere”. This is the key difference between McDonald’s and it’s competitors. Most of McDonald’s competitors focus on the taste of their food, or price of their meals. However, McDonald’s appealed to the children, so that their parents would invest money into McDonald’s. McDonald’s also created its brand image around the customer’s experience. It’s advertisements focus on how customers enjoyed their time while eating at McDonald’s. Furthermore, McDonald’s ties in people’s beliefs and attitudes towards their family–– most of McDonald’s advertisements show a family having a good time while eating McDonald’s. Since this is extremely relevant to their target audience, it stays in their customer’s mind. These things set McDonald’s apart from its competitors even though McDonald’s competitors offer similar food

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