Medical Billing: A Case Study

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A medical billing service can improve the efficiency of your billing system, reduce denials, cut down operating costs, boost reimbursements and save valuable time that can be devoted to patient care. These services are better equipped to adapt to continuously changing billing codes and industry requirements. But can a medical billing service deliver the promised results? Yes, it can. However, to find the right medical billing service for your practice you will need to undertake a comprehensive evaluation, one that transcends the regular performance track record metrics. The following five criteria will enable you to identify real expertise from market hype and find a reliable, long-term medical billing partner: 1. Quality of resources assigned to your account The best criteria for selecting a medical billing service provider is evaluation of the number of employees assigned to the account, and their expertise. Before hiring a service provider, consider the following aspects: Number of employees who will support the account and their credentials. Length of experience of the employees.…show more content…
Also, inquire about the training and methods that providers ' use to inform their staff about current state and federal rules, regulations and guidelines. 3. Dedication to maintain customer service standards A medical billing service, which interacts directly with your patients, has a significant impact on the reputation of your practice and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the service should meet your customer service standards and project the right image of your practice on patients. A professional billing service will always have published customer service guidelines for its staff to follow and will review these guidelines with you before attending to your patients. 4. Performance and Accountability Metrics tracking and
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