Business Trends In Medical Industry Essay

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Business Trends in Medical Industry
Current Business trends in medical industry
1. Rising Wellness Market
2. Rise of Healthcare Apps and Solutions
3. Medical Tourism
4. High Investments On Drug Innovation
5. Workplace wellness

Rising Wellness Market
Here is the graph that shows us the sales and expected sales of health products by region and by analyzing this graph we can see that the there is an expected major increment in market of health and wellness products. Here is data that shows us the contribution in economy including contribution in GDP
Health-care is spending more than 10.10% of GDP in rich nations. In 2009, over $8,000 is spent per person in the U S A , in total $2.5 trillion is spend and it is increasing, with the U
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To capture this segment many corporate ventures have stepped into the sector, offering multi-specialty healthcare services
High Investments On Drug Innovation
Private healthcare is going up The sector was the second favorite destination for foreign investment in 2013, receiving 27 investments worth $181 million from the US. Overall, hospitals and diagnostics centers received an FDI of $2191.91 million, while medical and surgical appliances (medical equipment) received $741.80 million in last 13 years. (April-2000 to December-2013) as per report of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
Low cost medical innovation is an Indian charm that attracts investment from both Indian and foreign investors. GE is in process of establishing a manufacturing unit in Pune, which will produce medical and surgical products by mid -

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