My Classroom Observation

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I chose to go to Kidz place childcare to do my classroom observation. The staff was very friendly when I walked in and the children was already comfortable. I sat in the back of the classroom and every now and then the children would have a conversation with me while they was active and they included me in their group time sing along. They were not too distracted by me being there, they interacted with me but they were still focused on their activities. They did many activities from group time, to art, math, music, science, individual play and free play. They were respectful to one another and very smart. I observed the preschool aged classroom, I was around 9:38-9:40 when I went and I stayed until they have free play. There was a schedule …show more content…

Number Sense and Counting was used as the children held up three fingers and counted. It was also used when Michael used building blocks and separated them by color and counted how many was in each group. When Ms. Sunshine had asked him to add the blue with the red and tell her how many he counted each one aloud and stopped at seven. He said “Hmm, seven.” Ms. Sunshine then asked him to hold up seven and he did not know so they counted as a class together to get seven on their fingers. Some children missed a number but got to ten and some did not get past five. After saying it three times the children was able to say it together but some was still holding up the wrong amount on their hands but had a peer help correct it. This was a naturalistic experience for the class because they may have knew the number but held up the wrong number so the teacher helped them count.
During free time the children grabbed blocks (action figures) shaped as people, named them and played together. They decided who was going to be the sister and brother and who the mother was. This was considered as comparing. Amy took the firefighter outfit and went to the play kitchen to put out a fire that she said James and Sarah created while baking a cake. They laughed after and took turns being a firefighter. This was noted as Logic and classifying in social

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