Music In The Classroom: Distraction Or Study Tool

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Music In The Classroom

They all look at the same question though: does music make studying easier or does it distract you from learning?
In an age where every student has an iPod or iTunes capability, the integration of music in the classroom has grown phenomenally.
From personal study music to historical music from an era the class is learning about, music can either be a great motivator for learning or a huge distraction.
There have been many studies done over the years about the effect of music and learning.
Music is a great a tool for the classroom because it helps motivation, concentration, control over the class.

Music helps students who are easily distracted to focus on their classwork.

Student Daniel Shader said, “ …show more content…

Katie Chester, a teacher at Empire High School in Tucson, Arizona. said “ music and iPods are rewards for good behavior… it does make a good motivator to work.”
(Archuleta, par. 9)
The article “Music In The Classroom: Distraction or Study Tool ?” is saying that when students are being in classroom they are rewarded with playing music on their iPods and phones, that tends to be a good motivator towards the students.
Music is a good motivator because the students have energy and they are focus on what they are doing and by doing that, they get rewarded.
All in all, music is a good motivator to doing work in class.

Music is a good tool towards having control over the class.
“Ms. Chester responded by saying: ‘For history, we do music of the time period to get a more emotional look at the era. Plus classical stuff helps [the class] calm down and focus.’ ” ( Archuleta, ph 5)
In the article “Music In The Classroom: Distraction or Study Tool ?” is saying that when playing era-based music helps keep the class focused and calm.
This is a connection to the topic by playing era-based music to control the class
The connection between the thesis and this is that music helps have control over the class
In the end, music helps maintain the class and keeping them calm and

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