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Steven M. Demorest and Steven J. Morrison (2000) conducted a discussion that explored the connection between playing a musical instrument and general intelligence. They both agree that playing a musical instrument has an effect on the intelligence of students. Demorest and Morrison (2000) state that playing a musical instrument increases your spatial temporal reasoning, which involves brain functions that link with your Maths and Science abilities. Demorest and Morrison (2000) also state that the average SAT scores for students in 1999 who received musical instruction are well above the average SAT scores of students who didn’t take part in any music lessons. They believe that piano and keyboard lessons in particular have the biggest effect in academic performance, this rules out any other musical instrument in this literature. Demorest and Morrison …show more content…

H Rauscher (2003) stated that students would not have improved their academic performance by just listening to classical music whilst studying. Rauscher (2003) agrees with Demorest and Morrison (2000), Johnson and Memmott (2006) and Mickela (2000) when they state that playing a musical instrument will improve a student’s spatial reasoning, which improves your Mathematics ability. Rauscher’s (2003) findings and experiments came to the conclusion that different types of musical instruments have different effects on cognition. Rauscher (2003) says that practising music from a younger age up until an older age would increase your academic performance more than the learners who have done it for a shorter length of time, this agrees with Demorest and Morrison (2000). She claims that there is a strong relationship between music practise and reading abilities, as well as better verbal memory. Rauscher (2003) conducted a study on boys with dyslexia and concluded that when they had interacted with music instruction their processing skills, spelling skills and phonological skills

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