Personal Narrative: My Experience As A High School Student

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High school is always a unique experience for students. It is a time filled with discovery, terror, confusion, and many caffeine fueled all nighters. While all high school students share these beautifully tragic experiences, I can say with confidence that my time in high school has deviated a bit from the norm. Attending the Jacqueline M. Walsh High School for the Visual and Performing Arts (JMW) has allowed me to unapologetically be my authentic self while giving me the opportunity to thrive as the musician I always aspired to be. Growing up, I was a very introverted child who secretly wanted to be a singer. This was a definite problem given that my dreams of singing in front of an audience could not be accomplished if I couldn’t even conjure up the courage to talk to my classmates. Throughout middle school, I started to become more comfortable with both socializing and performing. However, this came at the price of sticking out like the…show more content…
Thanks to this program I have taken three college classes online: Women’s Health and Issues, Intro to Education, and Psychology. Each of these courses has proven to be a very interesting challenge with my favorite being Women’s Health and Issues. This was the first ACN course that I took and it was an eye opening experience due to the amount of work that was required of me. For this course I had to write a research paper that was a minimum of 15 pages long in APA format which was something I had never done before. This paper turned into my portfolio piece, “Eating Disorders Amongst Women”. I am very proud of this piece due to the amount of time and editing (with the help of Ms. Murphy) that went into it. The skills I have learned from this paper will also stay with me throughout my college experience where I am sure I will be required to write much longer
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