My Schooling Life: The Last Day Of School

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It was finally here, the last day of school. I remember waiting anxiously for the final bell that year. For some reason, everyone around me was holding a bottle of water. At first I could not understand this paradox; it was freezing, who could dare pour water down his throat. Everything seemed so weird that day. Familiar faces were busy smiling around me and everybody was prepared for doing nothing but going home. Hot coffee was my only companion, my veins were freezing and the anxiety of listening to the final bell was killing me.
My schooling life was full of bizarre moments and this was one of them. Every single day awakened even more unpredictable scenarios. I guess this was part of adapting to the new schooling life but anyway my schoolmates were not making adaptation any easier. To me, every single moment in the school was completely worth it. I treated every moment as a propeller towards success. Every move inside the school compound had repercussions but I figured staying out of everybody’s path and focusing on education is all that mattered. Today, every move I made seemed to block someone’s path. I am an introvert so every eye contact I encountered acted as a bright light that caused unbearable itches to all my senses. I remained still and prayed not to block anyone’s path.
This was supposed to be the most exciting time of the semester. I pictured it as a time when all the students would gather up to celebrate the most important time of the semester. At least that

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