Essay On My Sophomore Year

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New school, making new friends, and getting used to the school. My sophomore year I transferred from Shaw High School. I really didn’t want to go here I would have preferred to stay at shaw, but I couldn’t. Sophomore was my worst year of high school. When I first started Collinwood High School, they didn’t have my transcript over from Shaw so for a month I had to take ninth grade classes. I was barely going to classes, I would leave school and go home or to the store. I got suspended twice before I got my transcript. Once I did get them I started going to classes but that was long after I started skipping classes and leaving school to go home. I messed up the first and second quarter grades was terrible I was just an honor roll student at Shaw, now at Collinwood I have F’s. When it was third quarter I got back on my game went to school every day and on time, and went to all my classes. I got that report card and my grades were looking much better, I got merit roll. Now that I was doing good I felt more proud of myself because I knew that wasnt, me to not go to classes or get suspended so many times. Its fourth quarter and I’m doing good until the whole school wants to fight me and…show more content…
My junior was much better than my sophomore year, my grades improved a lot, I didn’t skip class or leave the school. My sophomore year was different from my freshman year, well my freshman was the best year in high school for me; I went to Shaw where I had already knew everybody and all my cousins went there. The school itself was better for me, I was more focused at Shaw than at Collinwood. I had Honor roll and merit roll at Shaw and at Collinwood my grades were terrible. But I can’t blame to school for my actions I choose to make. Overall both my freshman and junior year was better than my sophomore

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