Narrative About Snowboarding

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Speeding through the snow “Wake up, Jomari! It’s time to go” exclaiming my mom as she was getting our stuff ready for the mountain. I finally got out of the hotel bed, got dressed, and then brushed my teeth. I wasn’t that excited today because I don’t usually spend that much time with my family. I went because we were going to go snowboarding. When we got all our stuff together, we then left the hotel and proceeded to the car. My stomach was growling, so we passed by Tim Hortons, and got a few donuts for me and the family. We finally were on our way to Cypress. As me and my family made our way up Cypress Mountain, we encountered a lot of traffic on the way. Many families wanted to go snowboarding today since, it was the day after Christmas. So the parking lot was filled, and I assumed that the mountain and lodge would be packed as well. As we then proceeded to find parking, it was a hassle, like I stated before it was very busy because many people wanted to go skiing or snowboarding. We …show more content…

As I was heading down the steep hill, I crashed into my brother and we started descending down at least 20 feet, he got mad at me but I laughed it off because the both of us didn’t get hurt. I got up and starting gliding through the snow, it feels like I’ve never gone that fast on land. The wind was rushing past my face while I was sliding and turning. My experience snowboarding was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. In the middle of the run there was a fork in the snow, it either lead to a black diamond run or a blue run. My dad asked me and my brother if we we’re up to go on the black diamond run, and I replied “No way”, but we went down it anyway, I went even faster than I was before, it gave me a huge adrenaline rush, and every time I fell, I got back right up like it was nothing. It was an amazing experience going down this massive hill, I’m really glad I spent time with my family

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