Negative Effect Of Video Games

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Grade 9 L.A. Essay by Hasnain Sahibzada 9-A NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF VIDEO GAMES “Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do. Real brains don’t do that. On occasion? Sure. As relaxation? Great. But not full-time - And a lot of people are doing that. And while they are doing that, I’ll go ahead and write another novel.” - Ray Bradbury. Countless children and teenagers spend a great chunk of their time playing video games. Games are enjoyable and engaging and a bunch of people love to game in their spare time. However, excessive gaming is an awful habit for a number of reasons. It’s unhealthy, sitting in your chair playing video games all day long is harmful to you and your health and can lead to a number of diseases in the future, the prime one being obesity. Spending a great chunk of your time playing video games can also lead to poor grades, it is due to people gaming and not doing their homework, preparing for tests. More gaming can also lead to less socializing, and to succeed in life, you need to develop excellent communication skills. So, for those reasons, I believe that an inordinate time spent on video games is a poor habit. Firstly, teenagers that spend a great load of time playing video games don’t attain enough physical exercise. According to research, playing video games increases the risk of various diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and many more. In addition, gaming is conventionally you sitting in one place

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