Negative Effects Of Playing Video Games

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Children and teenagers are constantly advised by their parents, teachers, and pretty much all adults to refrain from playing video games, especially violent ones. The main reason these children and teenagers are given is that playing such games makes them more violent and aggressive. However, more recent studies show that violent video games have little relation with a person 's aggressiveness, if they have a relation at all (Christopher J. Ferguson, 2013). In fact, they can have several positive effects on the gamer such as improving his behavior; his decision making, problem solving, and multitasking skills; his hand eye coordination; as well as his social skills. Contrary to popular belief, playing video games can actually adjust a person 's attitude when played every day. That is the case on one condition, though: that they are played for less than one hour. Also, games that are easy to access and play, such as most games on smartphones and tablets, generally improve the player 's mood. In that way, playing such games can act as a healthy way of taking one’s anger out, or as a stress relief, or even as an escape just like books and movies. Playing video games has also proved to improve planning and decision-making skills ( In many games, the player will have to come up with a plan or tactic to be able to achieve some sort of goal which allows him to move on to the next level. Moreover, in role playing games
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