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NIKE: #BetterForIt Campaign

Nike is prominent for its sports brand image. Without a doubt, we can see the success of this company. Heck, success would be an understatement. Usually, when we are looking for anything related to sportswear, Nike would be one of the first choices any of us would think of. Don’t you agree?

Nike has created itself as one of the top brands all over the globe – this is especially true under the sports category. The Nike Swoosh, is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, has made Nike one of the most highly valued and most successful brands today. Being one of the ultimate brands does not mean it can stop selling itself, to stay number one, Nike has always without fail time and time again build their brand
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According to McNaney (2015), by building up a brand, a company is taking a series of steps to create value, brand visibility, and make their product desirable. Incorporating lifestyle, have consumers something to associate with and offer the product essence and meaning is what a brand should do (McNaney, 2015). As we can see from Nike, whose success and domination in the sports industry has made a tremendous impact on their brand image, visibility and giving the company’s logo incredibly high value.

Nike has created superior value by making full use of celebrity endorsers, such as Michael Jordan, to be a symbol of their brand. McNaney (2013) notes that the concept is when an icon is fixed in the consumers’ minds it will cause the consumers to link Nike’s items with the endorser. Sports icons communicate the idea of being athletic and become almost heroic, this symbolizes what people go all-out to
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One way or another, we are all the hero of our own story and Nike has identified that feeling and used it to inspire timeless customer loyalty (Newell, 2013).

This year, Nike has launched an ad campaign developed by Wieden + Kennedy which is catered for women of all walks of life. It helps empower women to be their better selves. Nike’s advertisements are those which create courage or confidence to viewers. This campaign specifically portrays that every female is going through somewhat of the same struggle in achieving a healthier self.

Nike 's newest commercial captures the inner dialogue of a woman stuck behind a row of models during spin class, a runner through a half-marathon and a beginner yogi unsure of her surroundings. Based on Ciambriello (2015), the campaign which is called #betterforit is Nike’s largest project to date in supporting and motivating women 's athletic journeys. The objective is about “powering women to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level” (Ciambriello, 2015). Women in general need the drive to push themselves forward and Nike has created this type of connection with its audience through their audiences’ personal viewpoints which makes it a good campaign to begin

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