Essay On Nurse Shortage

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Meliza Hernandez
Period 6
Mr. Hancock
Nurse Shortage There is no secret that the United States faces a vital shortage of registered nurses. Nurse shortage refers to a situation where the demand for nursing professionals exceeds the supply locally, nationally, or globally. There are multiple issues that contribute to nurse shortage like, burnout, an increase with incomplete education, limited resources, job dissatisfaction, and many more. Although nurse shortage gives incoming nurses an opportunity in the workforce, many patients and current nurses are suffering.
The demand for more nurses is to prevent current nurses from future burnout. Everyone gets strained or tensed sometimes, but intense strain experienced on a daily basis over a long period of time can become burnout. Burnout is categorized as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. According to Rasmussen …show more content…

Due to shortages, nurses often need to work long hours under demanding conditions. Nursing is not a nine to five work; when there is a patient in need of help, nurses don’t leave them there and go home; nurses work overtime almost everyday. Nurses who have not worked in the medical field before may have to work hours way beyond their comfort zone and be expected to become accustomed to the hours. Nurses working in these environments are more likely to making mistakes and medical errors. An unfavorable outcome is that patient quality can suffer, resulting in a range of preventable complications, including medication errors, emergency room overcrowding, and more frightening, increased mortality rates. This trend may potentially threaten to damage quality medical care.
The importance of nurses in health care and the impact they have on their patients’ mental health is something that is usually being unconsidered in both the healthcare industry and in society in

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