Reflection On Nursing Home Management

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The Nursing Home management development programme is designed will help you further develop your management and leadership skills in a nursing home environment. As part of the programme each participant will be required to keep a “Learner record” during the programme. The purpose of this document is to encourage you to reflect on the content of the Nursing Home Management Development Programme in Leadership and describe how you will go about implementing the learning into your personal management style going forward.
It will be used as part of the assessment of your knowledge in the areas of leadership and communication, you need to ensure that it is completed in a comprehensive manner and is structured and laid out professionally.
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This challenge to achieve SMART (Specific, measured, achievable, realistic and timely) goals.

Module 1 Post-Module Questions

To be filled in after attending Module One of the programme.
1. What did you find the most useful or frequently used part of the workshop to you?
The most effective part of the workshop was learning about Situational Leadership and the types of leadership styles.

By Understanding about Situational Leadership Styles, helped me to identify the important tasks and to priorities them accordingly. This also helped me to analyse the Ability and Willingness of my team members.

I find Situational Leadership styles very helpful because can be changed according to the requirement of the Organisation.

The style like *Telling and Selling* helped to focus on accomplishing the task, While *Participating and Delegating *helped me to identity and understand the development required within the team members.

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For a period of 5 weeks I explained in detail about the policies and procedures to be carried out daily. I clearly told her in each individual session the way to do the hand overs, allocating the residents to the care staff, administration of medication including the injections, doing doctors rounds and carry out the orders. I clearly defined her role and responsibilities on her unit. I gave specific instructions to her in doing assessments and care plans. I supervised her performance while administering medications especially giving injections. I trained her how to do person centred care plan. I created an environment in which she was free to ask her doubts to me and this raised her confidence. I explained to her about team work and the importance of maintaining the interpersonal relationship between the staff, residents, and families. I reinforced to her that she was free to ask me if she had any

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