Nursing Leadership Style Analysis

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Week Nine
Initial Discussion Post
NURS6053, N-20 Throughout my working career as a registered nurse (RN) I have experienced various types of leaders. The purpose of this discussion is to talk about a particular manager and their leadership style. Also, I will discuss the characteristic that I will and will not integrate into my leadership style. Leaders are an integral component in the healthcare system. An effective manager must be able to integrate leadership skills with the ability to carry out management functions (Marquis & Huston, 2015, p. 48). Effective leadership styles help to retain staff and promote job satisfaction (Azaare & Gross, 2011). Every individual has a unique leadership style. The person I will discuss is a previous nurse manager that I worked with for a …show more content…

This person feared that her subordinates would get angry with her if she criticized them. However, constructive criticism is a necessary tool for employee improvement. One cannot fix an issue if they are unaware that it is being done improperly. The aspects of my previous leader that I will integrate into my leadership style is including all people in on the decision-making process, thereby emphasizing the ?we? and not the individual. As a leader, one must be able to criticize in a constructive manner, as it allows the employee to grow and improve. Therefore, I will integrate that characteristic into my style, which is something that my last manager did not do. Unfortunately, as a boss, one must realize that not everyone is going to ?like? you all the time. In conclusion, effective leadership skills are crucial as they facilitate a positive working environment and aid in retention of employees. The ability to retain nurses is important as it promotes a stable workforce, reduces costs, and improves the quality and continuity of patient care (Graham & Melnyk,

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