Options For The September Guarantees

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Young people at 16 years old are expected to either remain at school and carry on with their education or find a job. Unfortunately, for past 10 years the level of unemployment of 16-25 have been soaring so the government has put a new arrangement known as the September Guarantee into place to help the teenagers to choose what is best for them. This programme is targeting 14-19 year-olds, so the government will guarantee that the young person will be in employment, education or training.
The participation for the September Guarantee is for young people up to age of 18.
Options for young people after 16: • Continue with full time education at school or college • Have full time job(20 hours a week) in conjunction with part-time training or …show more content…

The type of decision-making that happen within high level committees includes aims and objectives of school development.( site issues or human resources) Senior management team (SMT)
Sometimes also called Senior Leadership Team, The SMT. SMT consists of people who have management responsibility like Head, Deputy Head, Head of Foundation, KS1, KS2, … ,Head of SENCO. In secondary schools, we have subject leaders as well. SMT meet regularly to make sure that ongoing issues are dealt with and school improvement plan as being followed by everybody. Then the information and decisions made in SMT meeting will be passed to other staff.
Other Statutory roles SENCO
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is an important member of staff to ensure the educational and support provision for special educational needs provided. Sometimes the SENCO is a teaching member of the staff. That depends on the size of the school and the responsibilities held by staff. SENCO is responsible for liaising with parents and other professionals such as social workers, parents, health workers. SENCO also provide advice and support for other professionals in school. For example, if a teacher has some concern about a particular childâ€TMs learning, they might seek advice from SENCO. They also write the individual education plan for SEN children and collect the relevant information about SEN pupils. SENCO monitors the provision for children with special Educational needs that is the one of the reason that SENCO is included in SMT as this is a high level

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