Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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There is a common saying that there is no such thing as losing you can only win or learn from past events and obstacles we have faced throughout life. Life is a journey with everyday being and adventure, we face various obstacles in life that will either knock us down for good or we can learn from those mistakes or things we have faced and use those lessons, learn from them and apply them to continue on the journey of success. We face obstacles, trials, etc… everyday of our lives but that does not matter the only thing that matters is if we are taking the lessons learned from these obstacles and apply them to become fundamental for later success in life. Obstacles are part of our daily journey from small obstacles like running out of gas, losing money or small things of the sort to huge obstacles like losing a family member, falling extremely ill, etc… One of the major obstacles I have ever faced in my life happened about four years ago, at the time I was only fourteen years old perfectly healthy, running around playing soccer everyday not worrying about a thing. At the age of fourteen I only cared about one thing and that was my dream of becoming a professional soccer player I practiced everyday, ran miles after miles, countless hours of learning how to dominate a soccer ball like the professionals. Once winter rolled around I kept up my countless hours of practice but things started feeling odd because everytime I ran my breath and stamina got shorter but I blamed
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