How To Overcome Obstacles In Life

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There is a common saying that there is no such thing as losing you can only win or learn from past events and obstacles we have faced throughout life. Life is a journey with everyday being and adventure, we face various obstacles in life that will either knock us down for good or we can learn from those mistakes or things we have faced and use those lessons, learn from them and apply them to continue on the journey of success. We face obstacles, trials, etc… everyday of our lives but that does not matter the only thing that matters is if we are taking the lessons learned from these obstacles and apply them to become fundamental for later success in life. Obstacles are part of our daily journey from small obstacles like running out of gas, …show more content…

It got to the point where I could not breathe, my oxygen levels were low and I was very cold even though the house was absolutely hot according to my parents. I remember my parents rushing me into the emergency room trying to avoid my contact with the cold weather outside, as I walked into the emergency room I noticed people sitting in the lounge waiting like I knew I would have to be doing very soon. My wait was not long, A young looking nurse came into the lounge holding her clipboard and the next thing I knew she was calling my name, as she walked us back deeper into the facility the temperature seemed to drop the further back we went. I was taken to a room towards the back but as we traversed the facility it was filled with beeping sounds coming from all different medical machines that I had no clue even existed, sick people all around some laying in beds others sitting in wheelchairs and the whole time all I could think about was how much longer was I going to spend in here. We finally reached the room I was going to wait in until the doctor came in and what was in reality a few short minutes felt like decades just laying on that bad listening to the sound of various televisions each tuned to a different channel, the clicking of keyboards as nurses jotted down notes and

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