Overcoming Obstacles To Work In High School

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I am the type of student that has always had at least a difficult challenge in my life but this difficult challenge has helped me to overachieve in my academic work throughout my years in high school; this challenge has to to do with my testing abilities in which I still to this day have issues in the amount of time I take to finish a certain assessment or if I score with a high result or a poor result, this challenge has affected my academic achievement in many ways; at first getting poor grades my freshman and first semester of sophomore year with a low GPA but in the good way it has also taught me a valuable lesson that is to learn from my mistakes and overachieve in my academic work and my abilities to get a high score on my assessments. All of this started since the beginning of freshman year in high school, I remember my first year which went really bad in my courses for both semesters I wasn’t getting the best grades, my GPA was very low, it was my first year attending in a city I wasn’t expecting, I didn’t have a lot of friends or people I knew before and the worst part is that…show more content…
I was impressed on the grades that i received on my first semester of junior year finishing off with a 3.89 GPA from that point on I knew that my hard work and effort was now being reflected on my grades as i moved on by the end of my second semester of my junior year i was really impressed in what I had done and i knew for a fact that what I had done was based on my effort and for that I am now a proud student at Tustin High School, But the steps I took to overcome this challenge were just thinking back and reflecting what I used to be in freshmen year to where I stand at now looking forward for an unforgettable senior year at tustin high
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