Overpaid Athletes Get Paid Essay

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The game was amazing and so energetic, it was so inspiring and made me want to work hard and play in the MLB. Today many kids are inspired by these athletes that work hard to earn what they deserve. These athletes have worked many years of their life to get where they are. The athletes deserve the money. Athletes are paid fairly because of their dedication and drive towards the sport. Many of the athletes that you think are overpaid have worked very hard to get where they are in the sport. To be in the MLB you can 't just be an average player you have to work your butt off to make it. You also have to put in the work and effort to earn the money you deserve. Also many of the athletes are role models to thousands of kids around the world. All of the athletes people think are overpaid had to work for it for many years and if they do make it the work has paid off…show more content…
Many of the athletes careers are very short and need the money for retirement. Some athletes can have an unexpected ends to their career with an injury and need money to pay the bills of their injury. Most of the athletes need it for bills and taxes. The main reason they need it is for retirement and just because they get lots of money does not mean that they don’t have to pay bills. The athletes don’t deserve the money because they aren’t helping the society. But they do by providing entertainment. They also please the society by giving autographs and taking pictures with fans. It’s not even the players fault on how much money they get it’s the society’s that pays to watch them which gives them money. They may not help the society but in the fans eyes they do. In conclusion, athletes are paid fairly because of the inspiration they are to thousands of kids around the world. These athletes also entertain so many people and work very hard for their money, therefore they deserve
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