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The Peace Corps offers a unique experience like no other that has made me rethink the whole out look of my life post-graduation. I 'm an entrepreneur at heart who seeks innovation to inspire people. I am graduating in December with my BA/BS in International Management from the University of Missouri. Travel is one passion of mine; I love meeting new people and learning new cultures while exploring what the world has to offer. This led to the creation of my startup: The Global Hiker. It will create a community of like-minded travelers and eliminate the fear of traveling by giving the tools necessary to explore, expand & enjoy. I have traveled to over twenty countries through out my life and I have seen two common trends: the world is full of good people and in order for the human race to evolve we need more helping hands to combat the suffering that takes place. Whether it is pursuing my start-up, joining the Peace Corps, or both I see it as the path that I must at least attempt to engage in. “You have not lived today until you have done …show more content…

He was a super nice guy and we talked about how he and my friend Solomon got judged for things that are out of our control. Besides having such a great conversation I realized for the first time that I was in a place where English wasn’t the native language, no idea what the culture was, and where I was the minority. That moment changed how I looked at all of the different kinds of people in the world. It wasn’t like I thought negatively towards people before, but I really didn’t understand what it was like to be different. No one should ever have to feel unsafe or uncomfortable riding the bus or traveling to a city alone. If everyone were to get out of his or her group and see the world from a different point of view and meet different people then the world would be a better

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