Personal Essay: My Responsibility In America

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My Responsibility to America In the words of Elbert Hubbard, responsibility is the price of freedom. Freedom requires that all people of this great nation contribute to shaping the United States of America into the distinguished democracy it can become. It is my personal opinion that as a citizen of this marvelous country that we live in, we must earn our freedom everyday by upholding our responsibilities. As an American citizen, it is my responsibility to be a voting, an informed, and a lawful citizen. One of our greatest responsibilities is deciding what is best for our country that we call home. When voting, it is crucial that I fully understand what my values are and what I am looking for in a leader. Discerning the candidates’ values helps guide me to select who I feel is best to lead our nation. Choosing not to vote takes away my power to have a say in our government. Voting grants us …show more content…

Watching the news is a manageable way that most Americans use as a means of being aware of what is going on in the nation and in the world. I find it essential that I understand what my rights are and what they entail. Grasping what my rights are, is a responsibility I believe is overlooked by a large amount of citizens. Along with knowing our rights, we must also know and understand the laws. The laws have shaped this nation into what it is today. One of the most important duties is to be a lawful citizen. Respecting each other is a basic concept that I find to be vital to the success of America. Our race or religion does not define us; we all merit the same respect. All of us are born equal, therefore, we all have the same rights that must be respected. Respecting our law enforcement is critical. Their choice to serve and protect us deserves the utmost respect, and I personally take it as a responsibility as an American to show these heroes the appreciation they have

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