Personal Essay: Why Hunting Is Important?

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Hunting to me is something special. Not only are you putting food on the table but you are making some very good memories. One of the best memories I have is my very first hunt, it was my dad and I we were in the blind for maybe thirty mintues and a little six point buck walks and looks around then goes back into the tall grass then my dad rattles the antlers and he comes out and boom that was the end of it. It was an amazing expericence and every since then I have never stopped hunting.

Hunting is the process of killing an animal for food or sport (Hester 14). To some people hunting is considering cruel, however what they do not know is it actually helps the population stay healthy. Healthy animals means healthy meat. Our ancestors had to hunt and farm for everything they ate and wore. Hunting was a necessity for them(Hester 9). Today hunting has changed, people don 't hunt for clothes but hunt for the food and the exitement of the hunt. Many people hunt as a tradtion also, its a tradtion for people to go out and spend time with family out in the …show more content…

Competition plays a major role in controlling population. Many animals will die from starvation or get diseases and parasits(Bolen). Hunting helps with this because it decreases some of the population. Predators, like humans can help maintain the quality of the prey population(Bolen). So what this means is the population will be healthy. So with a healthy population means the young will b well taken care of and very healthy. With the over population of animals comes stress, causing them to become agressive. Some will not breed. Females will not take care of the young which will reduce the populaton(Bolen). If animals are becoming agressive chances are they will try and bully other animals and try and fight which could lead to death of that animal. If the females will not take care of their young they will probably die also. This will reduce the population in a bad

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