Summary: My Experience As A Novice Nurse

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When I have to visit the hospital my first thought is not what type of degree the nurse holds, but am I able to trust this nurse with my life or the life of my families members. How much experience does this nurse have? Will this nurse be competent enough to provide me with the best possible care?. As an American, I enjoy making my own choices and having the ability to make decisions regarding my education that is reflective of my own personal preference. With that being said, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the most current studies and research pertaining to the medical field, and nursing. Today patients have more illnesses that are chronic, hospital stays that are longer, and the life expectancy of patients has increased; this…show more content…
I have personal experience working in the medical field I get to assist Registered Nurses both novice and experienced. Working with an inexperienced nurse can be tense sometimes. Novice nurses tend to overlook important details of a patients evaluation because they are not experienced enough to pick up on the subtle clues and signs exhibited by the patient to get the full detail of the patients true condition. According to the article Do educational outcomes correspond with the requirements of nursing practice: educators’ and managers’ assessments of novice nurses’ professional competence, “.... nurses working in practice complain of novice nurses insufficient clinical and patient management skills” (Holland K et al). For this reason in obtaining a baccalaureate degree, the novice nurse may get a more comprehensive understanding of caring for their patient. It will assist the nurse in looking between the lines of the illness utilizing critical thinking. For instance what direct question to ask the patient or what subtle signs the patient exhibits to determine the seriousness of the complaint. Furthermore, Baccalaureate nurse may exhibit lower mortality rate because they use…show more content…
Baccalaureate degree open many job opportunity for nurses. Not only will a nurse be able to work at the patient bedside, but the opportunity to work in management roles, administration, specialty care such as oncology, gynecology, surgery, psychiatry to name a few. Having a bachelor degree of nursing also is now preferred by most hospitals now as baccalaureate educated nurse are able to be assigned charge nurse to manage a floor and direct other

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