Personal Narrative: Ancient Greece

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“What’s that?”said I. I had found a watch on the ground. It was a really nice gold calculator watch. It said “type in date” on the face of the watch. I did not know the exact year but I knew the era, Ancient Greece. I was a crazy 23 year old man at the time. So, of course, I typed in the words. I regret it very much. My body hurt like crazy after I typed in the date. When I got up off the ground and looked around. Nothing was the same. I was also wearing heavy armour and had a sword and shield in my hands. Turns out I was in battle. In Ancient Greece! I tried to run away, but someone stopped me. It was Jason from the myth of the golden fleece!!!! Just then something came out of nowhere and went right through Jason! I tried to fight the man …show more content…

I told Jason I wanted to climb Mount Olympus. He told me he didn’t care if I did that. After I had been climbing for a while, I found a dog. He was HUGE!!! I named him cerberus. It was a popular name at a time. After I got to the top I saw a palace. It was the palace of the gods. I went inside to see the gods. The first person I saw was Zeus. He was wearing a white robe with a thunder bolt pin on the strap. He also had long white hair. I said hello. Surprisingly he didn’t zap me! Instead he said he had a quest for me. He wanted to slay medusa. I sailed to the monsters island by boat ( obviously ). I had help from the winds. I sharpened my sword and polished my shield. Then I was there. I got off my boat and walked up to the cave. There she was sleeping on the ground. I looked only into my shield in case the rumors were true. I walked up to her and swung my sword. I struck her neck with great accuracy. Her head was put in a basket by me and I sailed back to Olympus. I showed Zeus the head. He did not look at it of course. Now I want to go back home! I’m was getting homesick, so I typed in the date of when I left. I woke up with a pain in my neck. It was time to get ready for school so I got ready.I was almost to school when I saw a gold watch. A gold calculator watch. To Be

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