Personal Narrative: Coming Out Of Middle School

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Freshman year, what an awkward time in my life coming out of middle school with my poor grades I promised myself and my parents I was going to succeed while in high school. Did I though? My grades for sure improved but I still was not putting in as much effort as I should have been. I struggled to be able to communicate with all these new faces and in a completely new school but even outside of school struggled to talk to new people. I felt as if I should have stayed in middle school. I did not feel that I fit in with the rest of my peers not physically or mentally, aside from maturing I needed to work on getting fully comfortable with myself before I would be able to expose myself to others. You are so much more to me than just my mom, you are my best friend. Mom you are the …show more content…

I can remember that every single year you told me the same thing, and every single year it stuck with me. It was school always must come first and should be treated as my one and only job. I always seemed to lose my focus and struggled to get back on track, but you were always the one there to get me back on track. This advice you gave me really came in the perfect moment when I got my first job. I was so excited to have a job and be able to have my own money for the first time that I wanted to work each day. You were the one to convince me that working each day wasn't a good idea and that working weekends would be best for me. Once again you were right and working weekends allowed for me to be able to do my school work during the school week and stay on top of my school work. In areas where I used

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