Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of The Day At School

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One sunny Friday morning was once again another day I was going to my best friend Railyns house. It was always so fun with her. So I started off the day with waking up and doing my morning routine. And in addition I had to pack all of my clothes to go to Railyns house, after I got ready and packed I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Later it was time to go to school. When I got to school I waited outside on the benches in front of the school waiting for Railyn to get there because I wanted to walk in school with her cause I do not like walking by myself. So when Railyn finally got to school we walked in and sat down in class. We laugh all the time in class and we shouldn’t but something’s we do in class are so funny we just can not hold our laugh in. The weird thing is, we can not laugh outside of school like we do inside school.…show more content…
In all the classes we had at least 5 test and they were all hard. But surprisingly I passed all of the test and so did Railyn. I guess it was a hard day because it was so long it’s like when you look forward to something after school the day takes forever, and that sucks. We were finally in our last class and that class took FOREVER and when I say FOREVER I mean FOREVER! When the bell FINALLY rung we all ran out the room and ran to the bus ramp. Railyn and I waited for the bus to come because we were going to her house and the bus that she rides to her house is a late bus. A few minutes later the bus pulled up ready to swoop us all up. We tried to race up to the bus so we could get the seats in the back cause if we did not hurry everyone would have got the seats in the back. Railyn was one of the last ones to get off so we made up a handshake on the bus, and did our weekend homework in math class. it was pretty cool. But we got off the bus and went inside, laid our stuff down, and went in the kitchen to eat. I do not know if it is just Railyn and I that was always hungry after

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