Personal Narrative: Life After Cosmetic Surgery

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“Is it cancerous?”, I asked as the doctor broke the news to me and my mom “How is that even possible?”, as I also asked in clear shock. But before this, I lived like an ordinary child would; go to school, make friends and have a blast while being eager to learn, people were close to me, but I really hadn’t thought too much of it. I was a more of a cheerful kid, laughing at everything told to me. That’s why people liked me, my laugh would brighten the classroom. I would always say, “I can’t wait” and time did fly as it seems like just yesterday.
It took place at the orthopedic specialist’s clinic and two x-rays took front and back of my right knee a short glance, and it was very visible that some form of glob was formed in the back part of …show more content…

It was swollen looked like a lime on the side of my right knee I couldn’t even lift my leg without a strong pain just pounding on me. After the next visit, the doctor told me “I would be just fine the tumor was benign” non-cancerous a sigh of relief from me and my mom I thought that my life was over and made me from that point on cherishing people family, and friends much more. A great thought flew through my mind, now all that needed to be done was another surgery to close the chapter of this tumor and a good journey through …show more content…

The day came where everything got better thanks to the great doctors up at children 's hospital then came rehab a time to only make my knee stronger and build me up physically and mentally, I had to endure three months of recovery. At this point, I still had high hopes that in one visit I’d be up and running boy was I pumped. It started slowly with building my flexibility back up to make sure It could bend and bear weight again I had to bend my knee while being on my stomach with five pounds was it easy no it was the hardest five pounds ever. After that, I knew this was going to be a long journey that I could overcome and yes in the end after hard long good sessions I ended up beating my tumor and therapy to be able to walk and run

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