Personal Narrative: My Coming To Job Corps Experience

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Coming to Job Corps made me realize a lot about myself including how much potential I have within myself. Before coming here I wasn’t as focused as I should have been when it comes to me getting my education. Leaving school early or just not showing up at all became a routine for me. The school I was attending wasn’t as good of a school to even want to show up at. The kids there was very disrespectful which made it hard for those who wanted to learn. I wouldn’t learn nothing even if I would show up which also was one of the reasons I didn’t feel the need to attend. I felt as if the teachers wasn’t doing their job as they should as far as teaching the students what it is they needed to know as well as enforce the rules and policies upon them. …show more content…

It was a diverse and strict school with many rules I had follow so I knew I had to make a big adjustment. It was challenging for me to come from a school with nothing but freedom and those I’m used to being around on a daily basis to an environment where they teach and students there learn and actually had an interest to want to. I tried to adjust their but I just couldn’t and found myself not attending school once again. I was disappointed in myself that I would easily lack when it comes to getting my education. Just when I thought about really giving up a close friend informed me about Job Corps and exactly what it is they do with young adults who are trying to obtain their diploma or to just advance their education. Realizing that without a high school diploma I’m not able to get a job so I really wanted another chance. Once I got here I knew I had to really apply myself like never before and try my best to stick through the program. There are many great opportunities that can really help me with my future. 7 months into the program I’m nearly done with getting my high school and only half way done with my

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