Personal Reflection

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When I review my material I feel like I tend to cram everything into the night before. Also, sometimes I feel like I do not always retain the information that I am reviewing. My goal in this class is to gain more in sight on effective study tips. There are several ways that I could have more effective study tools. First, I could try and break everything that I need to study into smaller sections so that it is less to review all at once. I also would like to try group study. I learn better explaining information to other people and when other students explain information to me. Managing personal issues is definitely one of my strengths. I tend to keep a good balance between school and my social life. I feel like in order to feel at peace and have a good balance managing ones’ personal life is a must. I hope this class will solidify the methods I use to keep myself sane. Managing my stress skills is a big weakness of mine. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all of the notes that I have to do, and just stop what I am doing to try and relax. I hope that Strategies for Academic success demonstrates effective methods to manage stress skills. Overall, my stress management strategy is a little better than my stress skills. However, both are definitely a weakness of mine. It would also be correct for me to say that I do not actually have a strategy for managing my stress. Most of the time I get too frazzled and stop what I am doing to gather my thoughts. Adjusting to college life

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