Personal Reflective Essay: Softball

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Strive to Succeed
Lights are beaming down on the diamond; simultaneously as the crowd’s rant sweeps across the field. Bases are loaded with just one batter left; the score is four-to-four. With one pitch of the ball and one crack of the bat, the longest game became the shortest. The run had scored and we lost. Although we lost, my love for the game of softball has continued to flourish throughout the years. Not only has softball taught me plays, it impacted every aspect of my character. The drudgery that the game requires teaches a lesson to never give up, even when the odds seem to be against you.
Freshman year taught me that victory requires hard work. I was determined to make the varsity team, and I would let nothing stop me from achieving my goal. Playing against people three years older than myself challenged me to play better. They were stronger, quicker, and better players. But there was one thing that separated myself from them, which was my determination and willpower to be the best player I can be. In addition, this year’s softball season has proved to me just as much as
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No, I'm not the student who can get all hundreds on quizzes and tests without studying. But I am a person who is able to work hard to improve. With school being an important part of my life, I want to make sure I am performing to the best of my ability. As a prestigious student taking rigorous AP courses I consistently motivate and drive myself to fulfill my goal of getting superb grades. Therefore, additional studying and trying extra math problems just to make sure I understand the concepts, is what I do to make sure I am successful. I know that in college subjects can become difficult, homework increases, and the stress of a new life environment can weigh one down. The hard working aspect of my life that softball taught me will always stay with me throughout
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