Persuasive Essay On Dress Code

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Dress codes are an enormous part of a high schooler’s everyday life, with over half of K-12 schools having some type of dress code (“Should Schools Have Dress Codes” 1). Even though these schools vary in the strictness of their dress code from no rips in jeans to standardize uniforms, the driving force is the same. Many adults believe that students need to learn how to dress appropriately, and that introducing and maintaining dress codes will stop distractions and greatly reduce bullying (“Should Schools Have Dress Codes” 1). However, in this increasingly uniform world, students should be able to express their uniqueness in any way that they can. Dress code rules teach students that their individuality is not important in addition to discouraging creativity. Some schools have even gone as far as digitally altering school pictures to raise necklines and add sleeves to female’s shirts (Orenstein 2). In a school environment, dress code rules impose on students’ rights to free speech, require extreme difficulty to enforce equally, and suppress students’ individuality and freedom. In today 's Society men and women all over the country are challenging their schools’ dress code rules and their constitutionality (“Taking on School Dress Codes: Teen Rebels With a Cause” 1). Part of withholding the democracy depends upon the people. The people of the country need to stand up for themselves and their rights. Dress code rules go against a citizen 's right to free speech guaranteed
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