Persuasive Essay On Gun Control And Accidental Shootings

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Gun Control
Imagine you are sitting in classroom listening to a lecture when all of a sudden you hear the loud unmistakable sounds of gun shots. The sound of panic is heard you don’t know what to do. This scenario is not far from reality, gun violence has gripped our nation with horror in the recent years. Gun control issues are knocking on the door of our schools, malls, and public events. This year alone there has been 4,002 incidents involving guns ( Acts of gun violence, Illegal gun sells, and accidental shootings are among the different ways guns affect our way of life.
Acts of gun violence such as terrorism and gang violence causes grief, triggers emotions, and ruins society as a whole. All across America schools and universities are experiencing an alarming rate of acts of gun violence. Individuals are committing selfless acts …show more content…

All too often we hear reports of accidental shootings involving young children and adults alike. Guns in the hands of the unexperienced can prove to be very tragic. Harsher punishments are needed for those who carelessly leave their firearms in places where they are easily obtained. Time after time we hear reports of very young children often shooting and killing themselves and others. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide a secure place to store the firearm. In that way it would down size the amount of occurrences we see each year.
In conclusion, guns are detrimental to our way life as well as our everyday wellbeing and safety. More attention is needed in the way guns are sold, handled, and stored. Acts of gun violence, Illegal gun sales, and accidental shooting are just some of the areas in which gun control is needed. For our society to function and thrive as a whole more concern and thought will have to happen to bring peace to lives when it comes to gun

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