Argumentative Essay On Medical Reform

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Current research shows that government officials in the United States Congress are reforming health insurance acts that are negatively impacting children; therefore, the United States Department of Health along with United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy must fund unbiased academic research at universities to determine how to decrease the number of uninsured children, then share this information with the legislative body of the United States, state officials, and the public as a whole so they can encourage Congress to write laws to ensure that all children and adolescents will receive the medical coverage they need to remain in good health, so ultimately the number of uninsured children in the United States of America will decrease and their overall health will improve. The medical health system has been failing children and adolescents who are in need of numerous health services, such as mental health care…show more content…
This will aid Congress and medical providers in making future decisions regarding medical reform. New proposals for health-care reform include authorizing a commissioner to require child care services that fail to correct serious violations, which will provide technical assistance care management services. Another proposal would be to tighten fraud protection controls (Tomlinson 2). The research will ensure that children's´ needs will not be ignored and will be included in future reforms. Erinn Springer, media specialist with an online portal for finding health insurance coverage, states, ¨Children will not be turned down coverage when added to an adult´s individual plan or when added as a dependent to a group plan¨ (qtd. In Nance-Nash 2). This will assure parents that their children will be protected. Parents who cannot afford separate health insurance for their children need to be more informed about this
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