Bullying: A Solution To Cyberbullying

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Bullying with the appearance of anonymity and protection behind the screen has become more and more popular throughout the generations. Social media has made it convenient and less confrontational for bullies to attack their victims. When hiding behind a screen they don’t have to worry about seeing the other persons face after they have hurt them. Bullies also thrive off of by-standers participating or simply watching and doing nothing. When someone comments harsh things or makes fun of something, they usually do it to get attention from others. Kids tend to fall into groups and peer pressure when it comes to bullying. Making fun of something someone is wearing for example is an issue, but it’s received by others as funny when more than one person…show more content…
With the language being monitored and filtered out, online bullies may decide to become physical and start to slander or insult the victims in person rather than online. This would escalate the issue to a new level of bullying where they no longer hide behind a screen, it would also cause bullies to find other ways around the language barrier. However, it would allow the bullying to bring more awareness. Another issue that could arise is that it would cost money to make this happen, it would not be cheap considering it would need to be a part of every social media outlet. But if the government might be able to help make a program that would allow there to be supported funds. There will also be creative bullies that are going to find a way around the filter. Whether that means sending pictures or videos that will not be limited by the filter that only regulates the actual words and captions typed. Another disadvantage would be that not all profanity is used in a negative way, some use it in a positive way or just as their casual language, and this would limit those types of people’s freedom to post how they would like

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