Persuasive School Uniforms

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Many kids that want freedom and want to be able to express themselves well they should know about Rosa Parks. From Pros and it says "Rosa Parks expressed herself for her independence why can 't we." Many kids are having to have to wear school uniforms getting to know things about yourself and what you like is a good thing to experience for when you get older because it will become handy nut having to wear a school uniform how will you know what you like and what your true self is without a school uniform on. There is a debate on whether school school uniforms will make a difference in the learning environment. Many people agree that they should because it will decrease amount of bullying and violence, other people disagree and say that the amount of bullying will not decrease and that kids should be able to express themselves.
However, wearing school uniforms is a big problem that students don 't need to have. Students not being able to express themselves because they are hidden in a school uniform. According to ( Resisting Conformity in Thailand) in the video it says “These students have to have to have their hair a certain length and girls had to dye there hair back to black if they had dyed their hair over the summer and the fingernails had to be a certain length.” How bad is that having to have to have your hair a certain length. However, from the article (Student Protest Over Dress Code Leads to Parents ' Arrest in Miss) it states that “At Rosa Fort High

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