Pilgrim School: Inclusive Environment For Both Elizabeth And Calum

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This assignment will put forward strategies that will help Pilgrim school become a more inclusive environment for both Elizabeth and Calum. Some people would argue that, inclusion is a matter of children and young people’s rights and privileges. If inclusion is looked at from the perspective of the pupils rights, developing an understanding of the relationship with inclusion and achievement of the pupils will help the school ensure they are delivering that right to all pupils in many ways which will promote positive outcomes for the school and illuminate the negative outcomes, (Dyson et al, 2004).
Pilgrim school was built in London, in the 1960’s to accommodate children from a large housing estate. Pilgrim school have more places available …show more content…

Calum may be able to respond well to a physical activity, club or hobby within school that will help release all the anger he may be feeling and also occupy his mind, (The National Strategies, 2010).According to Humphrey et al , (2010), Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), Is an all-inclusive school approach in supporting children and young people’s social and emotional skills that support learning, positive behaviour, good attendance and punctuality, staff efficiency and the health and well-being of all who learn and work within schools, (Humphrey et al , 2010). The National strategies report (2010) stated that SEAL is currently being implemented in 70% of secondary schools within England, (Humphrey et al, …show more content…

Pastoral Support will work together with the school forming a close partnership with Elizabeth’s teachers, her mother, grandmother and other professionals involved. Pastoral Support will identify any issues Elizabeth is facing either at home or within the school and aim to eliminate any barriers that may be affecting Elizabeth from achieving her learning goal. Pastoral Support aims to provide support for children who are being bullied, children experiencing the change of becoming teenagers and those who may be facing issues at home. Elizabeth will need to have a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP), which will help improve her social, emotional and behaviour skills. A PSP will encourage Elizabeth’s social inclusion and prevent Elizabeth from being excluded from school in the future. As a result from a PSP Elizabeth’s behaviour will improve as she will learn how to manage her behaviour, (Entrust Services,

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