Plagiarism Essay: Intellectual Honesty And Integrity

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Intellectual Honesty and Plagiarism

Academic Honesty and Integrity

AULA expects all students to adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty. In all learning activities — including papers, oral presentations, and reports — students submit their own original work accompanied by citations acknowledging words, facts, or ideas borrowed from any other source, including electronic sources. A student may not submit the same work in two courses.


Plagiarism is the representation of someone else’s writing, graphics, research, or ideas as one’s own. Paraphrasing an author’s ideas or quoting even limited portions of the work of others without proper citation are also plagiarism, as is cutting and pasting materials from the Internet
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The faculty member may request evidence to determine whether academic dishonesty has occurred. For this reason, students are encouraged to keep all drafts and notes pertinent to the development of a paper until the paper has been reviewed and returned and credit has been awarded for the course.
If the faculty member determines that there is sufficient evidence to pursue a formal complaint of academic dishonesty, the faculty member submits a written record of the suspected violation to the Program Chair or designee.
If needed, the Program Chair or designee undertakes further investigation of the incident.
If Program Chair determines that academic dishonesty has occurred, the Program Chair imposes academic and/or administrative sanctions.
The Program Chair prepares a report documenting findings and sanctions. Copies are sent to the student, the student’s advisor, and to the Office of the Registrar to be placed in the student’s file.
The student may appeal a determination of, or sanctions for, academic dishonesty to the Provost within 10 days of receipt of

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