Positive Disadvantages Of Teamwork

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Teamwork increases efficiency and bring diversity in any project or field. Working in a group is a way for employees to pool in their ideas and make them feel appreciated which in return boosts motivation which leads to better quality of work. So in any field especially ICT teamwork plays a positive role. But with its multiple advantages I have experienced its negative aspects as well when one member of the team is working extremely hard while others do not work that hard that is the reason why collaboration and feedback is extremely important. Leadership style and how to sort out problems also play a pivotal role in the success of any team.
Collaboration: Setting goals is very important in a team it is very important that the team members work together to achieve these goals because once they are achieved they will feel a mutual sense of pride and motivation towards their work. For example I myself felt needed and motivated if my team achieved the goals that were set with and with working together and collaboration we achieved more then what I could have achieved single handedly. The use of collaborative software such as email and group chats and social software’s also resulted in better collaboration and created a friendly environment
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The groups with positive dynamics and where we count on one another has bought more productive outcomes as well as increased our productivity. I myself feel more motivated to work with team members who trust my judgment and value my ideas and give feedback whether it is good or bad in a positive

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