Positive Impact Of Social Media On Tourism And Tourism

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• To see whether social media sites like travigo and TripAdvisor are reliable as a marketing tool
• I want to see if it has a negative or positive impact
• Does it have any knock on effects? Or is it 100% affective?
• Can older people relate to travel websites and social media because of the increase of new technology advances?

The topic I decided to do my paper on was “the impact that social media has as a marketing tool for the tourism and hospitality sector”. I wanted to research this topic because I think that social media has a huge impact on everyday life especially in such industries like hospitality and tourism. I wanted see how social media effects the industry and does it effect it in a positive or negative way. Social media offers
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Another benefit is the internet, the social media aspect makes you almost portray, reconstruct and relive their trips. Pudliner 2007. This excessive interview with pudliner makes the essence of social media much more clear as why it’s such a good tool to use. Although ones opinion may differ from someone else’s it is still a great way to advertise as there are more than one reviews available. I have spoken mainly about get a ways a and hospitality, but social media also has an intense impact on tourism as, The tourism industry is an information intense industry says: (Sheldon 1997 and Werthner and Klein 1999) It is crucial to understand in technologies and consumer behaviour that impact the distribution and accessibility of travel related information. Social media is a huge stepping stone for the Tourism…show more content…
With today’s great advances Social media websites are so easily accessed from tablets, Mobile phones and laptops. Social media has definitely helped to improve the way people research and decide where to go on holidays. Such great websites like Facebook, twitter and travel websites like travigo and Kayak, aid to the impact by pop ups and advertising on other websites. Social media is defiantly the way forward to marketing companies and anyone trying to promote their business and companies. We can see that People have become more aware of different cultures and countries and their knowledge has made a huge impact on the tourist’s decision making because they are interested by the destination, they usually decided by looking at reviews and images that other visitors have uploaded. People are more likely to see advertisements on social media sites such as Youtube and

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