Positive Impact Of Tourism

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Tourism contributes to the economy in terms of income and job generation as it promotes the non-traded goods of the country which are the domestic amenities, culture and values, and the local services like transportation and accommodation. It is one of the most visible sector that contributes to the improvement of the economy (Faber & Gaubert, 2015). Though tourism have its positive effect in the economy, it also brings negative effect especially in the environment (Finnessey, 2012). In 2016, the Department of Tourism reported that the total tourist arrival of the Philippines reached 5.9 Million in 2016. The goal of the government is to be one of the most preferred destination. Domestic and international marketing efforts are done to attract visitors to visit the tourist destinations in the country. To support the boost in the tourism sector, the government introduced the eco-tourism program which is a form of sustainable tourism covering the natural, cultural heritage area, and indigenous groups. It refers to the promotion of…show more content…
This means that number of visitors that the destination can accommodate per day will be capped. With this, the management can educate and closely monitor the visitors before they can enter the tourist site. This kind of initiative is being implemented in Peru the wherein the Ministry of Culture announced that entrance to Machu Picchu will be more guided with two routes available to visitors. Moreover, as reported by Coldwell (2017) tickets to enter the premises of the site will be time-controlled. If this initiative will be implemented in the Philippines, the deterioration of the tourist destinations like Boracay, Hinatuan River in Surigao del Sur, Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao, and other more destinations can be
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