Prevention, Prevention And The Importance Of Disease Prevention

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Prevention in definition is the “action of stopping something from happening or arising” (Merrian-Webster). Therefore, disease prevention focuses on helping people to not only prevent occurrence of diseases but to also avoid contacting of diseases that would cause negative health consequences to either both individuals and community. There are 4 major prevention levels in disease prevention and they are primordial, primary, secondary and lastly tertiary prevention. All of these preventions are chosen vary in target populations, rationale, goals, activities and outcome measures depending on the patient’s condition. Disease prevention is important to decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases, improving lifestyle and quality of health of all ages for the community. Whereas, in the healthcare setting, prevention is important to prevent cross infection in hospitals between patient and healthcare professionals and also between the professionals themselves. Also lowering the healthcare cost by providing a more economical treatment and high quality service to patients. So, this essay is going to be specified to HIV and AIDS viruses as both of these viruses are dangerously increasing from the year 1986 until 2005, which then the numbers decreasing slowly till now. Therefore, in the last 5 years, Malaysia have made in possible to expand and affluent to support HIV and AIDS interventions by the additional and increasing level of findings. For example, there are an increase of

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